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The Rick Moore Group provides you with the most up to date resources and proven guidance to achieve your housing goals. We are a hardworking, tech savvy, honest and reliable group of agents who have decided that the best way to serve our clients is to pool our skills and resources. We work harder than anyone else, to get you the best price for your home and help you find the best home for your money.

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Best Renovations To Increase Your Home Value

Whether you are thinking about selling your home or you plan on living in it for a while, it is likely that you will want to get the most money out of it when it comes time to sell. Owning a home is

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7 Most Expensive Homes In Bellingham WA

Are you curious about the most expensive homes that the Bellingham, Washington area has for sale? Whether you are interested in purchasing an expensive luxury home or are simply curious about what

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Waschke Road

The following blog was written by Marv Waschke, the owner of the Waschke homestead which is currently up for sale. View photos & find more information on 5438 Waschke Road here.

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Haunted Places In Bellingham

Spooky season is upon us. Netflix is overwhelming our feeds with thrilling horrors and Halloween-themed movies, Pumpkin Events are popping up, and folks are rushing to assemble their costumes in

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