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Bellingham Washington Waterfront

So, you’re thinking of moving. You may be out of state, out of town, or maybe you already live in Bellingham and just want to toot your own horn by reading up on why your city is the best. Either way, you’re here to learn about what makes Bellingham, Washington one of the best cities in which to buy a home. For starters, the natural scenery in Whatcom County is astounding, and current residents just have to acknowledge how special the area truly is. With an incredible range of outdoor sights, activities, and unique indoor experiences, there are numerous opportunities to explore the area in and around the city. Secondly, the residents are friendly and embody a culture that values community. You’ll find that the Bellingham populace is heavily comprised of college students and families due to the three colleges and universities in town.  You can’t go wrong living in Bellingham, where youthful, historic, and urban settings are all mixed into one beautiful piece of the world.

Mount Shuksan Washington Whatcom


One of the main attractions that Bellingham provides is its natural beauty and array of outdoor recreational activities. If you like to hike, climb, ski, snowboard, swim, boat… and the list goes on, then you should strongly consider buying a home in Bellingham. Oyster Dome Trail is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the area. The hike meanders through densely wooded areas and finally arrives at a view of the Cascade Mountains, the San Juan Islands, and the Salish Sea. Another local gem is Whatcom Falls Park where folks can walk along the trails, bike, swim, or relax with a spectacular view of the falls. Bellingham residents are lucky to have such an amazing park within city limits. When summer time rolls around, Clayton Beach becomes a sweet spot to bring family and friends. The beach is usually not overly populated, allowing residents to enjoy a quiet time relaxing and enjoying the day. Visit Lake Padden Park off of South Samish Way, and explore your options which include walking trails, playing with your kids at the playground, taking a dip in the lake, letting your dog off-leash at the dog park, playing a game of tennis, and more. Locals love to make use of this park due to all of the different activities to choose from in such a terrific outdoor area.


In addition to the many outdoor options Bellingham has, there are a variety of things to do indoors that are one-of-a-kind. If you love theater, visit the historic Mount Baker Theater where you can experience live plays, dance, and music, all in a gorgeous venue. You can purchase drinks to bring in with you as you watch a show, and there is a concession area for snacks. The Ruckus Room Arcade and Fun Center is an entertaining place to take friends and family to play classic arcade games. Win tickets and exchange them for cute prizes, and enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two if you’re of legal age, as well as a few food options. For some indoor physical activity that surpasses your regular gym, Bellingham has the VITAL Climbing Gym. Open to all ages and skill levels, you can take your family and friends and try out climbing the wall, as well as utilize the other exercise equipment provided. This gym is great for beginners or seasoned climbers, and the atmosphere is pleasing and friendly. Mindport Exhibits is a museum filled with art and interactive displays for people of all ages to enjoy. Make use of of your senses by touching, hearing, and looking at odd contraptions in different ways.. Another uncommon type of museum that you’ll find in Bellingham is the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention. A visit to the Spark Museum will teach you about the history of electricity, with equipment that dates back to the 1800s. To experience something really rare, make a plan to see a live show of the “Mega Zapper,” one of the largest Tesla coils in the country.


The people of Bellingham are down-to-earth, open-minded, and connected to their community. If you go to the farmer’s market on a Saturday, you’ll see how everyone comes together and shares local resources and creations. Bellingham is an environmentally conscious community with residents who are self-aware and care about each individual’s impact to the local community and beyond. College students make up a large part of the population, and keep the city youthful and urban. Families and seniors make up another big portion of the community, with plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods and excellent retirement homes that cater to everyone’s wants and needs. Considering how welcoming the community is, along with the various environments and demographics in Bellingham, you are guaranteed to meet new people and have valuable experiences with those around you.


Deciding where you want to buy a home, and finding the right neighborhood with houses for sale can be daunting. Rest assured, neighborhoods in Bellingham have many different characteristics that makes each of them unique and accessible for all kinds of home-buyers. For families that require a good school and a well-kept neighborhood, there are some wonderful options in Bellingham. Some of these family-friendly neighborhoods are Columbia, Silver Beach, and Roosevelt, as they are great locations with good public schools. College students have a plethora of neighborhood options available to fulfill various lifestyles. Students who want to live close to the WWU campus can choose from neighborhoods such as Happy Valley, Sehome, South Hill, and Central Business District. For retired folks, there are numerous options for senior living throughout Bellingham. The Leopold Retirement Residence is located downtown on Cornwall Avenue, closeby to amenities yet fulfilling all of your needs within the residence itself. Solstice Senior Living is a retirement community located in Fairhaven, which is a wonderful place to live if you are retired and appreciate Fairhaven’s charm.

Western Washington University Fountain Red Square


Bellingham is known for its quality public school system, the esteemable Western Washington University, as well as its technical and community colleges. For many families who are in the market to buy a new home, the decision of where you are going to send your child to school is huge, and greatly impacts where your potential home will be. Luckily, the public schools in Bellingham are highly rated and provide quality education. Families are sure to find a good school in proximity to their homes. WWU is one of the best four-year colleges in Washington state and includes a beautiful campus that isn’t too big or too small, a multitude of diverse programs, skilled professors, and open-minded students. For students who don’t want to deal with navigating around an enormous campus with way too many buildings, and for those who dislike the feeling of a small campus environment, WWU is the perfect in-between. When walking around campus you are sure to see some people you know as well as many that you don’t, which is a nice combination as opposed to either extreme. Fields of study range from hard sciences to fine arts, and even student-designed degrees at Fairhaven College for a different style of learning. Students are bound to discover the perfect fit for their undergraduate or graduate career at Western. If you are interested in attending community college, Whatcom Community College is also highly rated in Washington State. WCC has committed professors, great resources, and smaller class sizes that benefit its students. Bellingham Technical College is another quality school with engaging professors and courses that guide students to success. Students at BTC gain confidence in addition to necessary skills for their future career, and the support provided by professors makes a huge difference in students’ assurance of their abilities.


There is one thing that Bellingham has a very high concentration of in relation to the rest of Washington - perhaps even the country, and that is breweries. In fact, Bellingham has more breweries per capita than Seattle and Portland. A few of the most popular breweries in the area include Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, Aslan Brewing Company, and Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen. Each of these destinations offer a variety of tasty beer and delicious food. Lovers of craft beer visit from around the country to experience Bellingham’s plethora of breweries, and those who are lucky enough to live here can end their day with a refreshing cold brew from any number of establishments.


Living in a town where dining options are limited and/or not very good can be a huge bummer. Bellingham, however, has too many good restaurants to count. Whether you want a quick, casual meal or a fancy dining experience, you can count on finding a place not far from your home. A couple local eateries that are casual yet very unique include Cafe Rumba, Brotha Dudes, Fairhaven Fish and Chips, and Boomer’s Drive In. Cafe Rumba is a Peruvian restaurant that locals rave about; their sandwiches and pastries are really out-of-this-world-good. Brotha Dudes is a restaurant that promotes fresh food and distinguishes its menu items into vegetarian, flexitarian, and carnivore eats. The names of their food items are pretty silly, including “Dudes Blunt” (a spinach tortilla wrap) or “Cali Spliff” (a chili tomato tortilla wrap), which really makes your experience here stand out. As you can probably tell, this establishment appeals to a certain kind of crowd that is quite prominent in Bellingham, it’s definitely a location worth checking out. Fairhaven Fish and Chips is a seafood truck located in downtown Fairhaven, that serves some of the best fish and chips you’ll ever have, as well as about 40 different flavors of soft-serve ice cream. It’s so good that there is often a wait - but it’s well worth it. Boomer’s Drive In is a hotspot with some of the best burgers in Bellingham. What makes this place particularly fun is the novelty of ordering from your car window, but you can also go inside and have a seat if you choose. In addition to their well-known burgers, they’ve got an intriguing selection of milkshake flavors to try out.

There are a variety of restaurants in Bellingham that exhibit a fanicer, upscale atmosphere. A few fine-dining options include Guiseppie’s Al Porto Ristorante Italiano, Keenan’s at the Pier, and EAT Restaurant and Bar. Guiseppie’s is the place to go if you want an authentic, Italian meal served to you in a beautiful waterfront location. Often times you will see the owner of the restaurant, Guiseppe, visiting tables and assuring that his patrons are having an exceptional experienced. Keenan’s at the Pier is an elegant restaurant that features Northwest cuisine, with a wonderful view of Bellingham Bay. A visit to this restaurant gives you the chance to walk along the pier before or after your meal, and enjoy the scenery that compliments their selection of food. EAT Restaurant and Bar offers a seasonal, farm-to-table menu with a French accent. While you enjoy your meal of locally-sourced ingredients, you can listen to live music and take in the intriguing ambiance that combines the Bellingham region with French cuisine.

Downtown Bellingham Washington


Moving to Bellingham, WA will not disappoint you. The incredible scenery, the experiences out in nature, the unique venues, and the delicious dining options will satisfy anyone’s needs and tastes. The range in Bellingham’s demographic makes it an ideal place to live for individuals from all walks of life. There are an array of family-friendly locations and activities for families to thrive, students and young adults have endless options throughout the education system and city, and adults and seniors can enjoy the perks of an urban setting that isn’t as hectic or large as Seattle. Find a home in Bellingham and know that it will satisfy your wants and needs, no matter who you are.

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