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Dated: 02/01/2019

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Free Real Estate Workshop Twin Sisters Brewing Company Rick Moore Group Bellingham Whatcom County

We did it! The first of many Free Real Estate Workshops was a success. For those of you who don’t know, Golden Ticket Home Events has set up an ongoing series of free workshops that discuss the process of selling and buying in a complicated real estate market. These workshops are located at Twin Sisters Brewing Company in the Tasting Room, and include a casual yet informative presentation given by a Realtor and qualified mortgage lender. The entire Rick Moore Group is present at each workshop and prepared to answer questions and provide you with good information that caters to your individual circumstance. You can find further details on what kind of information is covered at these workshops here. Again, this workshop was the first of many to come, so they will inevitably evolve in structure and content, but the following will give a bit of an idea of how these workshops will generally pan out. So, if you’re interested in signing up for a future workshop date and want to know what’s involved, read on!

It was a brisk January night… the 23rd, to be exact. The Rick Moore Group huddled around the bar, the clock read 6:12, “18 more minutes until this thing starts”, thought Rick. A few guests walked through the door.

“Hi there, are you here for the Real Estate Workshop?” asked Monica, Rick Moore Group’s transaction manager.

“Yes”, replied the couple.

“Wonderful. Please follow me.”

Monica handed the guests each a lit candle. She then led the couple down a dark flight of stairs. They began to look worried. “They didn’t advertise that this workshop would be held in a basement… why are we holding candles?” asked the wife to her husband.

“I don’t know honey, but we both get a free beer… and we have been thinking about buying a home for a while now. Let’s just see where this goes.”

Free Beer Real Estate Workshop Twin Sisters Brewing Company Tasting Room Bellingham WA Whatcom County Rick Moore Group

The wife nodded and shrugged. They continued down the stairs. They entered a dark room that had a single candle lit on the floor, surrounded by a circle of what appeared to be Real Estate professionals. They were holding hands with their eyes closed, and whispering something in unison. Monica looked at the couple, her eyes beaming.

“You’re our first guests”, she exclaimed.

The Realtors all stood up simultaneously and walked over, still hand-in-hand, and invited the couple into the circle. The couple looked surprised.

“They said this would be casual…” muttered the wife. Her husband told her to be quiet and reminded her once again that at least there was free beer. The Realtors asked, “are you ready for the workshop to begin?”

“Um.... sure”, said the husband.

“Alrighty. Let’s do this”, said Kristin Clarkman, the presenter of the night. She walked up to what was now an illuminated stage. Kristin took the microphone that was centered on the stage and began singing. She sang a tale of buying her first home, how she got into Real Estate, and why you should stop renting. The couple was enchanted. Their eyes glazed over with wonder. More guests began to walk into the room, each person becoming entranced by Kristin’s beautiful melody.

“I’m learning...so...much…” cried an older gentleman, whose ultimate wish was to purchase a home of his own, here in Bellingham, WA.

Kristin yelled, “Yes! Yes, continue to learn. We are all students of the universe. I shall now pass over the microphone to Joshua White, our presenting mortgage broker of the evening. Joshua then began to sing about home financing, mortgage insurance, and the like. The crowd was thoroughly pleased. What better than a song and dance to engage an audience in what may be a bit of a worrisome subject. Appetizers were thrown about, people were feeding each other french fries and pretzel bites. It was glorious. Delicious beer was being given away freely, even the bartenders were getting involved, having a beer and learning about home buying and selling.

Real Estate Workshop Rick Moore Group Bellingham Appetizers Twin Sisters Brewing Company

The night went on, with more songs, more dancing. It was incredible. The moon shone through the window and illuminated the presenters perfectly, as if it was planned. Random passersby began to come in, asking if they could buy a house right then and there. They’d take anything as long as it was Rick Moore Group who would be working with them. No one could have anticipated such an amazing night. With over 500 leads and a newfound confidence, the Rick Moore Group slept soundly that night. They truly delivered on what they promised, and more. Anyone who attended these workshops could live their lives knowing that whether they wanted to buy or sell, they had a handful of Realtors who were passionate, honest, and knowledgeable to guide them through the process. And that was all they had ever wanted.

Our next workshop is Wednesday, February 6th. Same time, same place. Come one, come all… and learn the secrets of Real Estate from the Rick Moore Group.

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