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Dated: 01/15/2019

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Want to move, but not sure how to get top dollar for your house and then find a comparable house in the location you want? You’re not alone. Whether you’re selling or buying (or both!), the process can seem overwhelming. You’ve probably already read tons of articles and blogs, talked to friends, your banker, your co-workers - that’s a lot of information! And you probably still don’t have a clear picture about the smartest way to proceed. It’s time to talk to a Real Estate professional. Nothing beats specific information about your particular situation - one-on-one help is the best way to get all the information you need to make the smartest move.

Maybe you think talking to a Real Estate professional obligates you to take immediate action, or maybe it just feels a little intimidating - sometimes you don’t know what to ask, but there are ways to ‘dip your toe in the water’ first without committing to a swim. Why not attend a free local workshop or seminar, hosted by Real Estate professionals and Financial/Lending experts? It’s a great way to sit back and absorb all the information you’re looking for, without any pressure or expectations. Real Estate workshops are the perfect way to get excellent information about the local market in a relaxed setting - just sit back and learn!


Start here: Golden Ticket Home Events (Rick Moore Group with RE/MAX Whatcom County) is hosting free, no obligation Real Estate workshops every two weeks at Twin Sisters Brewing Company, and include targeted, current information on selling and buying in a complicated market. These workshops are casual, fun, and focused on making you feel more comfortable with the buying/selling process. It’s a great way to connect with local professional agents who are committed to community, and who strive to streamline information for easier access, making you feel more confident about selling or buying a home. Need more incentive? Each person who registers for the workshop gets a free beer!  And who doesn’t love free beer?! So if you’re interested in learning more about:

           1) Housing market trends

           2) How to identify good investment properties

           3) Getting more out of your home loan

           4) Costs to expect and who pays for what

           5) Negotiating to reduce your monthly payments

           6) Using your home loan to increase your financial position

           7) Whether to buy or sell first

           8) How your credit affects your loan costs

...then consider signing up for a Golden Ticket Home Events workshop!

In addition to professional advice from Realtors and qualified Lenders, you’ll get lots of informational materials to take home with you, beverages and appetizers, and a $500 Golden Ticket coupon which is redeemable at closing when buying or selling with an agent of the Rick Moore Group. So what’s not to love? And remember, this is a super casual event, focused on getting you the information you need in order to feel confident about selling & buying in the current market. Reduce your stress, get those questions answered, and register today for one of the dates that works with your schedule! We’ll see you there!

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