Amazon Will Deliver A Tiny House Right To Your Door

Dated: 05/17/2018

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When it comes to, we all know the platform allows you to buy pretty much anything you can imagine. From Halloween costumes and home decor to live fruit trees and Viagra, the massive online retailer prides itself on being the go-to purveyor consumers turn to when they don't feel like leaving their homes.\

But now a home itself — albeit a tiny one, pre-fabricated from a new shipping container and fully finished — is another item you can add to your virtual shopping cart.That's right. For $36,000 (plus $3,754.49 shipping), you can have this 320-square foot tiny home delivered to your doorstep. You'll need to take it the rest of the way yourself as, according to manufacturer MODS International of Appleton Wisconsin: "Delivery is to location only. Exact placement will need to be provided by a third party." And at 7,500lbs gross, that's a handful. (Bummer.)

So where exactly can you set up this little beauty? According to the description provided to, it "can be placed on either 12" concrete sonotube footings (10 total, one every 8 feet along perimeter) or a solid concrete slab."

The standard unit has side water and electric connections but requires a bottom access sewer connection. In addition to a bedroom and bathroom, this diminutive dwelling includes a kitchenette, complete with its own appliances, a living area, heat and air conditioning.

While residents of California can't purchase one due to building codes, the tiny home is ready to ship to anywhere else in the contiguous United States.

Even if you think you don't necessarily need one, consider these possible ways you could enjoy owning this pint-sized pad:

It's the perfect place to stash the in-laws this holiday season.

Hey, thanks to heating and air-conditioning and dual bunk beds, your relatives will sleep comfortably — just not under your roof.

It's the ultimate hideaway.

Wondering where you can finally binge-watch that Netflix series you keep hearing about? Here you go! Grab your popcorn, lock those patio doors, and disappear for hours (or days?).

It's a great first step toward independence.

Got a boomerang child? You know, the post-college kid who returns home and won't leave? Setting him or her up in this tiny home, where they're responsible for all the cooking and cleaning, could be a great first step toward kicking them out of the nest. (And you won't hear them coming or going at 2 a.m. either.)

Feel better about your carbon footprint.

This one really only counts if you actually move out of your regular home. Maybe this is your chance to take tiny living for a test drive?

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